A quartet of former Wolves players attended one of the first Molineux Memories sessions of the New Year to share stories from their careers with supporters with dementia.

Molineux Memories is a group delivered by Wolves Foundation in partnership with the Black Country NHS team based at Groves Therapy Services at Penn Hospital for individuals with dementia and their carers.

The group has been in place since 2015 but is now also followed by a ‘Dementia Café’ where those in attendance at the previous session can stay on and be joined by others for a more informal social gathering.

Several former players used to make regular appearances at Molineux Memories prior to the pandemic, and the Foundation’s Health department has again teamed up with Wolves Former Players Association to restart the visits.

Wolves favourites John Richards, who is also Chairman of Wolves FPA, Geoff Palmer, Terry Wharton and Steve Daley – a quartet comprising almost 1,500 Wolves appearances in total – attended the sessions to tell their stories and answer questions.

“We were delighted to come along to the Molineux Memories sessions and chat to the participants,” said John.

“We went back through our careers and memories from our playing days and it was great to listen to the supporters’ thoughts and to answer their questions.

“A lot of the lads had visited Molineux Memories prior to the pandemic and it was great to hear that the sessions have started up again and that everyone has been able to come back in person.

“The Wolves Foundation do some fantastic and varied work within the local community and, as a Former Players Association, we are always only too happy to help out if we can.”

The ten week programme of Molineux Memories sessions covers topics such as the Molineux memories box filled with Wolves memorabilia, open and themed discussions and a look at football victories and achievements. 

There have also been stadium and museum tours around Molineux, as well as refreshments encouraging participants to meet people with similar interest in an enjoyable and social atmosphere.

“Molineux Memories has been a really important group for Wolves Foundation and is now into its seventh year,” says Rachel Smith, Health & Wellbeing Manager with the Foundation.

“It offers a relaxed and informal environment for people suffering with dementia to get together, share their memories and engage with others.

“It has obviously been extremely challenging for everyone during the pandemic so to be able to get back and meet face to face makes such a positive difference for the participants, and also their carers.

“Visits from the former players have always been extremely popular and really stimulates discussion among the group, so it was fantastic to welcome John, Geoff, Terry and Steve.

“You can see how much it means to everyone to be able to listen to their stories and ask questions and we really appreciate the support.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about Molineux Memories can email Meganwalters@wolves.co.uk