Wolves’ top two goalscorers and most recent England international strikers will be at Waterstones on Friday for a signing session of a book dedicated to all the Wolves who have been part of the Three Lions.

Chairman of Wolves’ Former Players Association John Richards will join Steve Bull at the signing session at the City Centre store, to help promote ‘Wolves’ England Internationals’, written by lifelong fan Bob Bannister.

Any proceeds from the book’s sales are kindly being donated to Wolves FPA for their work with the club’s former players and support for local charities.

It is certainly a thrill for 82-year-old Bob, who was brought up living in Newhampton Road just 200 yards from Molineux, to have the two club legends joining him on Friday.

“I am very pleased and honoured that Bully and John are coming along for the signing session,” said Bob, who now lives in Coventry.

“I only thought about it recently, but Bully got 306 goals for Wolves, and John 194, so in total that makes 500!

“Hopefully a few Wolves fans will be able to make it along, can get their book signed and we can raise some money for the Former Players Association.”

The 350-page publication chronicles the England careers in detail of the 36 Wolves players who have represented England, and the inspiration came from the most recent, and current, Molineux captain Conor Coady.

It is therefore also fitting that the signing session takes place with Coady with the squad aiming to seal World Cup qualification in the forthcoming international double-header with Albania and San Marino.

Not to mention that Bull actually made his England Under-21 debut against Albania, who the senior team face on Friday evening.

“When Conor was first called up, around September of last year, I thought the idea of doing a book about all the Wolves players who have played for England was something which hadn’t been done before,” adds Bob.

“Originally the idea was meant to be to do the book for 20 people, friends and so on, and that I would meet the cost.

“But when I spoke to (publisher) Clive Corbett, he said he thought it was something that could go further than that.

“I really enjoyed writing it and once I started, I couldn’t stop.

“It’s been pleasing to see how it has gone and I’ve had some nice feedback with copies going as far afield as Australia.

“It was always going to be for charity as far as I was concerned and it would be great if we can get some money to help the Former Players Association with their work and support of local charities.”

Coady has penned the foreword for the book which starts with Charles Mason in 1887 and includes legends such as Billy Wright, Ron Flowers, Bill Slater and Peter Broadbent.

Published by Geoffrey Publications and priced at £15, Wolves’ England Internationals includes details of more than 300 Wolves-related international games including reports and line-ups as well as Wolves updates from the period.

Friday’s signing session at Waterstones on Victoria Street begins at 12.30pm.